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What a Student needs to get a Work Permit

  1. Employer’s letter of intent to employ and job title (on employer’s stationery)
  2. Doctor’s note (on Dr.’s stationery) with okay to work
  3. Social Security card
  4. Verification of age (Birth certificate or passport)
  5. Parent note giving permission to work
  6. Current report card (for working during the school year only) 


PLEASE NOTE: Your employer is not allowed and should not ever require you to work during school hours.  Parents please know that working is NEVER an excuse for being absent or not completing any/all school related assignments/tasks.


Once all documentation has been gathered please call call Eleni or Clarissa (773) 534-1100 for an appointment.

Parent and student must be present for the appointment.


Summer Employment opportunities available at One Summer Chicago