South Loop School Counselor's Corner

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How do I apply to high school?



Applying to high school is a process


  • Attend South Loops' Annual high school fair typically held in late September or early October (preferably as a seventh grader)
  • Determine what type (selective enrollment, small, charter,specialty,private/parochial) of school would be a good fit for your child
  • What type of application does that school have (online, paper)
  • Visit the school during an open house preferably in the child's seventh grade year to avoid not being able to visit all schools of interest
  • Complete all parts of the application
  • It must be submitted prior to or by the Deadline
  • Make copies of all applications
  • Obtain some type of receipt or confirmation that the application has been received


Did you know that all eighth grade students in the entire city of Chicago, which is on average between 13k- 17k students, are eligible to apply

Did you know that if your child aplies and is admitted to an academic center they are automatically enrolled as a ninth grader at that high school

Did you know that some high schools have more than one program type and you can and should apply to all to maximize your chances of being accepted

What do I do if I believe my child has a disability?

Begin by having a conversation with your child's classroom teacher. 

The teacher must then determine if support(s) are needed in the area of concern known as Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

If the interventions are not producing positive results then the teacher and yourself will be referring your child for an evaluation. That evaluation if necessary will be conducted by one or more of the assigned support staff listed on my home page.

Read a brief overview that outlines the referral process